Web hosting

Published: 1st August 2019

This is a top-level guide to explain where our hosting is and where to access the administration systems.  How to administer the systems is out of scope.

Hosting account

Our web hosting is provided by tsohost.  We have a linux VPS that runs all of our websites.  The account is owned by Pam and paid on her credit card.

VPS administration

This is handled using Web Host Manager (WHM) which can be accessed at the following page:


This allows for creation and management of web servers – in conjunction with IT services since they own the manchester.ac.uk and have to approve, create and delegate the sub domains we use for our sites.

Site Administration

Administration of the individual sites is managed using cPanel.  This can be accessed by navigating to /cpanel from the sites themselves (e.g. https://your.manchester.ac.uk/cpanel).  Each it’s has its own username.  Current sites with usernames are listed below: