Volunteer – Job Assignments

Published: 4th September 2019

After assigning a constituent as a volunteer (see guide here), you can now go ahead and assign them some jobs.

This will generally be done after the job has taken place.

Step 1

Click on the Job Assignments section on the left hand menu and then New Job Assignment in the top left.

Step 2

The Job Assignment box will open. Before starting to fill out any of the fields, click on the Binoculars icon to the right of the Job field.

This opens up a box where you can search for jobs to assign by either Category or Volunteer Type. Simply choose an option from either drop down box and then click Find Now to display the available options.


From the displayed list of jobs, choose the one that’s most appropriate by double clicking on it.

Step 3

Now you can fill out the Job Assignment form.

You need to populate the following fields:

  • Department: Choose the most relevant section of the University.
  • Category: This should be auto-filled when you choose the job type, though you can change if necessary.
  • Start Date and End Date/Start time and End Time: Enter the dates/times of the job.
  • Position: What was the constituent’s job?
  • Volunteer Type: Again, this should be auto-filled, but you can change if necessary.

You may also add any notes that you feel are relevant in the Notes box.

Step 4

After clicking Save and Close for the job details, you should now see it recorded in the main Job Assignments screen.