Updating a Contact Preference

Published: 24th October 2017

Follow the steps below if you need to update the Contact Preferences of a constituent.

Step 1

Click on the Attributes tab on the constituent’s RE record.

Step 2

Click on the contact preference line you want to amend, e.g. you want to change the attribute of DDAR – Events Email.

Step 3

Click on the drop down menu under Description, and choose the relevant option, e.g. in this case, we are changing from DDAR Events Email – No to DDAR Events Email – Yes.

Step 4

Update the Date field with the date you have changed this attribute (press F3 for today’s date).

Step 5

Add a comment in the Comment field, where necessary. In this example, we would add a comment to say how we found out this information e.g. Phone.

Step 6

Finally, once you have finished updating the contact attribute, click Save and Close.

Any Mailing Preferences beginning with DDAR have a separate option for Yes and for No. These options are Mailchimp related and there should be 5 attribute lines on each record, as below:

DDAR – Events Email 

DDAR – Fundraising Email

DDAR – Marketing Email 

DDAR – News & Announcements Email

DDAR – Volunteering Email