UK + Canada Calling

Published: 5th February 2018

Note: For this process you need access to/training in Smarteezie + Securetrading + Rapidata + ImportOmatic (IOM)


Step 1

You should get an email summary from one of the calling supervisors telling you how many gifts were taken the previous night – use this to check you have the right amount.

Step 2

Go to Smarteezie > Reports > List of Gifts (Just a note that if there has been any calling to Canada, you will need to switch Campaigns in Smarteezie, but follow the same import process as UK calling, but only importing ‘Credit Cards’)

Step 3

Log into Securetrading,, to check that the gifts/transactions you have in Smarteezie have been successful (this is for Credit Card gifts only)

Step 4

Filter by Contact Date (Column G) i.e. yesterday (or whichever day(s) you need to import), as well as Response Key (Column E) but select only CC + PDD.

You will make 3 import files for IOM from this master file (3 maximum – that’s if there are Credit Card gifts and Direct Debits gifts).

Step 5

Gift Aid Declaration
The IOM profile is here and looks like the pic below – copy/paste info from the master file to this template as below:

  • Constituent ID = Constituent ID/Column A
  • Declaration Made = Contact Date/Column G
  • Constituent Pays Tax? = Oral Gift Aid/Column Z
  • Save as CSV, somewhere you can find it, ready to import via IOM.


Step 6

Credit Cards

This one doesn’t have a template to paste into, just copy all the CC response rows (all columns).

Paste them into a new excel and save as a CSV ready to import via IOM – that’s it!

Step 7

Direct Debits

The IOM template is here and does involve some copy/paste as you need to use 2 data sources – the Master file and…

  • And Export again – the setting should always be ‘New’ and ‘All’ – we have a few Direct Debit pages that are live – this will collect all new Direct Debits set up since you last ran the export:

  • Note – in the rapidata export there could be Direct Debits there that have been set up by people online or have come in via post ie. there won’t be information from the Smarteezie master list for them. You will need to find their Constituent ID from RE before importing. You can tell because their ConfirmationReference will start ‘UMC0000….’ Whereas the calling ones are the Constituent ID.

*For any Direct Debits set up online by a donor, you will need to add the Gift Aid Declaration and any address/email address changes to Raiser’s Edge.

  • Back to the Direct Debit IOM template – from the Master file (from Smarteezie) you will be able to copy/paste to the yellow columns (the template indicated which column you should copy/paste)

  • In the pink columns, this information comes from the Rapidata export.
  • The purple columns are drag down or to be inputted by you.
  • The Gift Source attribute depends on where the Direct Debit originated.
  • Save as CSV somewhere you can find it ready to import via IOM.

Step 8

Go to IOM and use the following profiles to import your 3 files:

  • 1Direct Debit Import
  • 1Gift Aid – TFC
  • 1Single Gift – TFC


*Note: At some point in the year, the callers will be asking for Direct Debit upgrades – this comes through the Smarteezie report as ‘DDR’. Georgia/Chris W should keep you informed of the segments they intend to call so you can be prepared. The guidelines for upgrades are separate.