Standing Order Monthly Payments

Published: 26th March 2019

Andy Bradshaw will tell us when ‘all the Standing Orders are on’ – this will be in the first week of the month. This process should take about 15mins and we are looking for people who may have stopped their Standing Order or increased the amount before we batch import the payments into RE.

1. Find the record Andy keeps of all the standing order payments we get in a month I:\Development Services\Gift Processing\SO Payment Spreadsheets

a. Choose the previous month

b. Filter the ‘amount received column’ so does not contain any ‘written off’ or ‘blank’

2. Go to Query ‘OMATIC SO PAID FILE’ in the Ops – Gift Processing query folder – this shows us all of the standing order payments Raiser’s Edge is expecting in the previous month minus the CAF Give as you earn payments (you will need to change the dates in the query to the relevant month)

Export the query (I usually call this ‘RE expecting March’), save on P drive

Now you have 2 spreadsheets – 1 with the payments Andy has noted down and 1 containing the payments RE is expecting

3. It’s up to you how you want to make sure they both match, but a row by row comparison needs to be done. It might be that donors have increased their donation amount and we need to catch this.

I use:

=IF(AND(C2=J2,E2=K2),”Full match”,”?”)

To match ConsID + amount

Once you’re happy that:

  • The number of transactions matches
  • The total amount matches
  • Each row matches consID + amount match

Get rid of the data on the right that came from Andy’s spreadsheet + import the data from RE back into RE using IOM (the bit that has the Gift Import ID)

If you ran the ‘Katie – OMATIC SO PAID FILE’ again now, it should return 0 (as in there are no payments due because you just imported them).