Smarteezie Supervisor Access

Published: 22nd August 2018

As a Supervisor on Smarteezie, you have access to four tabs; Dashboard, Calling, Reports, Management.

You can switch between these tabs using the menu at the top (see A in screenshot).

You can also switch between the statistics for various campaigns using the drop down menu (see B in screenshot)



As a supervisor, you won’t need to spend much time in this screen, unless you are personally making calls.


There are a variety of reports available in this section that will provide more detail about Calls, Caller Statistics etc…

Click the arrow in each heading (highlighted in red below) to display the available reports.


All admin tasks of the Smarteezie platform can be conducted from this tab including Users, Calling Preferences, Scripts and Data downloads.

You can access the various sections from the menu on the left hand side (highlighted in red).