Smarteezie Daily Tasks

Published: 22nd August 2018

There are a variety of daily tasks that should be completed on Smarteezie. See below for more information:


Under Dashboard, check under Tasks to do to see if there are any Calls waiting to be approved. Anything that requires supervisor attention will be highlighted in yellow.


You also need to check for Special Actions.

  • Select ‘Special Actions’ from the dashboard

  • At the top of the ‘Special Actions’ screen, un-check ‘Show Urgent Only’ to show all outstanding Special Actions.

  • You can export as excel sheet by clicking on the Excel icon in the top right.

  • Mark each one as completed once they have been actioned.


In order to access Calling reports, click Reports in the top menu bar.

Then, choose Supervising to display the available reports in that category.

Finally, choose the report you want to view; e.g. Shift Statistics.

Those working in gifts can refer to the List of Gifts report, in the Pledge and Gifts section.