Smart Outlook

Last Updated: 13th November 2020
Reason: Updating shortcut to add emails

Step 1

Open the systems in this order:

First, open OUTLOOKprod2. Second, open Raiser’s Edge. Finally, open Smart Outlook.

Step 2

In your inbox, select the email you wish to add an action for by clicking Ctrl, Shift and S. (Note that if your email has been sent to more than one person, you will see a box named Multiple Recipient appear, asking you to choose which constituent record you want to add the action to. Just choose the relevant name from the drop down menu.)

Step 3

You will see Raiser’s Edge quickly scanning through the constituent’s record before settling on the ‘Open Constituent’ page with the constituent’s details already in the results section.

Simply double click on the line with the constituent’s details to open an action.

If you don’t see a result for a constituent, remove the details from the name fields, and simply search by Email instead (or vice versa).

Step 4

This opens the New Action screen with almost all the fields pre-filled. Your email text is saved in the Notes tab.

Step 5

Now, if the email is being sent from your university email address, just add your name as a canvasser by clicking on Canvassers (then enter your name in the box and click OK).

Step 6

Make any other changes to the action that you deem necessary (e.g. changing Action Type) and, finally, click on Save and Close.