Recording a Constituent as Deceased

Last Updated: 29th June 2018
Reason: Adding step to remove soft credits.

Follow these steps to mark a constituent as deceased.

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Step 1

Go to the Address tab and click on New Address in the top left corner.

Step 2

In the address screen, make the following changes:

  • Remove the Unknown from the country field to make it blank
  • Set the Address Type as Former Home.
  • Set the Info source depending on how we learned the constituent was deceased.
  • Untick Send Mail to this address and tick Set this address to the preferred address.
  • Enter the Date from as today’s date.

Now go to the Attributes tab within the New Address window.

Step 3

In the Attributes tab:

  • select the category as Address Change.
  • Under Description, add a short note saying where we learned of this information (e.g. Brother emailed Alumni inbox to inform us of constituent’s death).
  • Add today’s date in the Date field.

Click Save and Close.

Step 4

Now, from the address list, click on their former address details and make the following changes:

  • Change Address Type to Former Home.
  • Untick Send mail to this address.
  • Enter Date to as today’s date.

Click on Save and Close.

Step 5

Go to Bio 1 and tick the Deceased? box.

In the Date field, enter the date of death. If you don’t have the exact date, the month and/or year will suffice. Leave this blank if we have no information on the date.

Then, tick the box for Requests no email.


Step 6

Also in Bio 1, change any Telephone Numbers/ Email Addresses to Former (e.g. Former Mobile), untick the Primary box and also mark them as Inactive.

Step 7

Now, go to the constituent’s Business record, and change the following:

  • Change their Position to Former ___ (e.g. Former Journalist)
  • Change Relationship/Reciprocal to Former (e.g. Former Employer and Former Employee).
  • Do not untick Primary business information.
  • Change Telephone/Emails to Former.



Step 8

Click on the More button beside the Country field.

  • Change the Address Type to Former Business.
  • Enter the Date to with today’s date.

Click on Save and Close.

Step 9

Finally, check if the constituent has a Spouse on Raiser’s Edge.

If they do, go to the Relationship tab and double click on the spousal relationship.

Do not amend the Relationship/Reciprocal fields.

Simply untick the box marked Spouse in the bottom left corner. (You will not be able to untick this box by clicking on the Spouse box on Bio 1. You must do it via the Relationships tab.)

Step 10

If the spouse has a full RE record, open it and make the following changes:

  • Change their marital status to Widowed.

Click on Save and Close on the spouse’s record.