Prospect Tracking on Raiser’s Edge

Published: 1st August 2017

Prospect proposals


  • Proposals are used to record the prospect pipeline and record progress in major gift discussions. They are the canvasser’s record of activity in pursuit of each major gift solicitation they make.
  • A Proposal is added to a prospect’s Raiser’s Edge record at the point that they are allocated to a DDAR Manager (“Assigned Canvasser” in RE speak).
  • The Proposal may be added by the DDAR Manager or, more usually, the Research team but it is the DDAR Manager’s responsibility to ensure that the Proposal is updated as progress is made.
  • You can use the Proposal to track the progression of a relationship through the giving cycle and to record your assessment of the likelihood of success.


Prospect ratings

You can find a prospect’s current rating on the “General” screen of the Prospect tab of RE. This is the Research team’s assessment of the probable range of prospect’s gift capacity over 3 years. It looks simply at their evidential wealth: prospect ratings take no account of affinity towards the University or the likelihood of a solicitation of that prospect being successful.

Our ratings[1] (all amounts assume gift may be given over a 3 year period)


A* £5 million or more C £20,000 – £100,000
A £1m – £5m D £5,000 – £20,000
B £100,000 – £1m

[1] The “Potential” rating is given to people who we expect may well become prospects in the future. “Alumni Fund” is not used. We add “Spouse/partner” to the records of spouses or partners of rated prospects (this allows us to recognise that their “other half” is a prospect but without double-counting them as prospects).


To see when that rating was added, and any previous ratings, click on “Ratings”. You are welcome to request a re-rating of a prospect at any time, by e-mail to

For a guide on adding proposals, click here.