Prospect Research in Tableau

Published: 18th September 2017

This is the procedure guide for Admins of the Prospect Research report on Tableau.

Step 1

Go to the Admin folder and open the report ‘Prospect Research LIVE’ in Tableau Desktop.

Step 2

Check each tab and change the date filter on each to the previous month (so if you’re running the report on the 1st of August set the date to July).

Step 3

Check the Management Report dashboard and do the same by going to ‘Go to sheet’ on the selected sheets and changing the date filter on each to the previous month.

Step 4

Save the report.

Step 5

Go to Data Source, click ‘Extract’.

Then, click ‘Refresh’.

Step 6

Save As in this location as a twbx file.

Step 7

Yes to Overwrite and Extract.

Step 8

Close the workbook, yes to save.

Step 9

Open Tableau Reader.

Step 10

Click ‘Open File’.

Step 11

Navigate to the Prospect Research Reports folder and open the twbx report.

Step 12

Check each tab to see if it’s displaying correctly.

Step 13

Email a direct link to this report to the Prospect Reseach team.