Power BI – Useful Information

Published: 7th July 2021

Please use the tips below to help when navigating a Power BI report.

Step 1

Click on any segment of a chart to filter the whole report by that data point. You will notice the other segments of the chart appear greyed out. Click on the same segment again to remove the filter.

Step 2

Hovering over a visual brings up more options, including the option to drill down or copy a visual as an image.

Step 3

If you want to drill down further into the data, first, click once on the Drill Down arrow, which will turn darker.

Then click on a data point within the visual. Clicking on the segment below for Transferred, for example:

Drilling down gives us more detail about where these proposals have been transferred to.

Step 4

If you’ve applied filters or you have drilled down into the data but want to remove these, click the Reset button in the top menu bar.

Step 5

If you need to zoom in or expand the report, click the rectangle in the top menu bar. Then choose one of the options from the drop down. If you choose Full screen, you can exit Full screen mode by clicking Esc on your keyboard.

It’s worth noting that you can use Focus Mode to make any visual appear in full screen mode.

To exit Focus Mode, simply click Back to Report.

Step 6

Hover over a chart segment to see more information in a pop-up.


Step 7

When you first log into Power BI, you may want to find specific information but you might not be sure which App it is held in.

You can type what you’re looking for in the Search bar on the top right of the Home page. If a result pops up, you can click on it to go straight to that report.

Step 8

You can favourite any report by clicking the star in the top right. It’s similar to bookmarking a page in Chrome.

Now when you go back to Home, you should see an app with a gold star beside it in the Favourites and Frequents section.

Step 9

You may add comments to any report by clicking the Comments button in the top menu bar. Then when the comments box appears, you can type your comment and click Post.

You can tag anybody in the Comments field by typing @ and then their name. This could be someone who you feel should see this particular report, or perhaps if you have a question for Craig about the report. Please be aware all comments are publicly visible.