Online Gifts via Online Express

Published: 25th January 2018

In order to run this process, you will need:

Step 1

Go to Online Express > Donations

If there is a number in the orange circle – that means we have gifts – click on the blue box named Download Transactions.


Step 2

On this screen,  go to Tools > Transaction Options:

This gives us the option to use an already existing batch for default fields and values e.g. we want to group all of the Direct Mail gifts into 1 batch with the same appeal – it saves manual entry later.

Step 3

Go back to the transactions and if there is a match on email address, the ‘Linked Constituent’ will appear in the blue box.

Click ‘Process Transaction’ and you will get:

This happens if there are differences between the event registration information and the RE record, so always click Yes to see what is different. Many times, it is capitalisation of certain words OR it is down to OLX’s inability to ‘see’ email types.

Step 4

In the above example, the person has used their business email to sign up, which we already have on RE as ‘Business Email’ – OLX thinks this is a new email and wants to import it as a Personal Email type (the same happens for phone numbers).

  • You can open the constituent at this point to check what information you need to bring in and update any email addresses/phone numbers
  • Use the tick boxes on the left to choose which information comes in as new.
  • For new addresses use the ‘Add the downloaded information as a new address for this constituent’  – RE will force you to go into the new address to tidy + add an Info Source ‘Event Registration’
  • If there are ‘updates’ you are not bringing in, OLX will show you the box below after you click Save and Close:

  • Click ‘Yes’ if you are happy we have all the information in RE.

Step 5

After you have processed your first transaction, make a note of the Batch number – you want to add more gifts into this batch, click ‘No’ and carry on processing gifts.


Step 6

Go to ‘Tools’ ‘Transactions options’ and select the second option, Add records to an existing batch or create a new batch with this number– see screenshot below. This will put all the registrations with a payment into 1 batch you just created which you only need to commit once.

Carry on processing gifts and then open the batch – using the default fields from previously set up batches, you shouldn’t need to amend anything except:

  • For NAFUM gifts you need to add in the US$ amount in the gift reference.