OLX Supplementary Info

Online Express (OLX) does not support invitation based events i.e. adding your invitees to the event via global add

  • We can no longer ‘globally add’ those invited to an event in RE (in great numbers) if you need to use an OLX form for registrations – this creates an error for processing event registrations
  • The RE events module is not designed to manage invites – we will do this via actions instead* (*when actions are reliably added to RE!)

Capacity Management

  • The capacity calculation within the RE Event module is based on participants i.e. anyone added to an event; globally added or manually added, regardless of registered status – which is why it’s not a good idea to add those invited but that you don’t know are coming (this has always been the case).
  • NetCommunity had the ability to talk to the event module on numbers registered rather than just participants – OLX doesn’t do this
  • OLX therefore represents your online capacity, at the point of advertising the event; you are advised to reduce the OLX capacity by a minimum of 10% For example, if the RE capacity is 100, your OLX capacity would be 90. The capacity in RE should reflect the actual room capacity.
  •  If you wish to hold more spaces back for any registrations not being done via the online form, this should be considered and reflected in the OLX capacity and should be decided depending on the event. This includes, for example, those wanting to pay by cheque, those returning paper booking forms with a cheque or any manually added registrants (such as a non-paying guest added after the main attendee has already booked online).
  • NB: Drop-out rates should also be considered and the online capacity adjusted according to expected drop out rates. This could be as much as 20-30% dependant on event.
  • Changing capacity: If a guest is manually added to the event (registered directly onto RE), they have effectively taken one of the spaces. This should be carefully monitored by the event lead, for example, you may wish to release more online capacity and then reduce this every time a manual registrant is added rather than reducing the online capacity by more in the initial stages.
    o Realistically manual registrants should only be those that are non-paying phone or postal registrants or anyone paying by cheque/cash. All other bookings can be made by the guest online or on behalf of the guest using the online OLX form (and therefore already included in the online capacity).
  • When it gets nearer to event time/full capacity, event leads would need to judge whether to release any “held-back” percentage to OLX based on demand/logistics.
  • Capacity Warning: In the event module in RE, the capacity warning flag warns you that participants is exceeding capacity, this is not a reflection of actual registrants as this warning looks at participants rather than registered participants.
  • NB: A registration status of ‘Registered’ = someone has said they are coming and should be used when monitoring capacity
  • OLX will never go over the capacity you set (when setting up the booking form in OLX) – when it hits capacity, it will say ‘sold out’.

Things you can do to manage your event capacity:

  • As above – reducing your OLX capacity by 10% (or whatever) will ensure you don’t go over your limit
  • Event registrations – data team aims to have them done every morning by 11 and to warn event lead (if known) about any odd registrations. (for the Events Team this will be a notification to alumnievents@manchester.ac.uk).
  • Regularly check the number of registered participants, set a regular reminder daily or twice a day closer to the event
  • You can create a dashboard in RE to help with monitoring this, Katie L can show you how.

Setting up an OLX form

  • Webinars don’t need a capacity in OLX
  • If guests are allowed at your event, it should include this wording: “If you are intending to bring a guest but don’t know who yet, please name them as ‘Guest One’ in the form below.”
  • For pan-asian events (especially in China), the attributes for subject of study and graduation year if an alum should be NON OPTIONAL – this allows for more efficient record matching
  • Sometimes when copying an event it comes up with an error. If this happens please pick a different form to copy and it should work fine.
  • On screen 1 add the event and set the prices usually with Number set to 1 and Max set to 2 (allows 1 person with 1 guest).
  • On screen 2 you can add questions in the section marked “Select which participant attributes are available”. These questions appear for all registrants and all guests.
  • On screen 3 you can restrict to capacity.
  • On screen 5 please be aware that the text/email addresses may have been altered for the previous event and may need configuring.

General housekeeping on Events

  • Put the correct start date on RE (the date the event is happening).
  • Make events inactive once these have passed.
  • Taking the booking form off the website after the event
  • Monitoring guests – ensure all guests are checked and matched to alumni records in RE where possible using the attributes that come through OLX.

Tidying problem registrations