OLX disappearing (non admin users)

Published: 10th September 2019

If you get a call from someone who cannot see OLX when they could previously there is a good chance that OLX has forgotten some settings.  Again.

OLX has weird security settings and it can be confusing since anyone with supervisor rights in RE will always be able to see it regardless of other security settings.

In OLX settings you can tick boxes to allow any security group to access it, but because we don’t necessarily want whole teams to have access, we created a RE security group called Online Express.  The idea is that within OLX that is the only security group to grant access.

To check the security settings within OLX follow the steps below.

Step 1

In OLX click on the Account menu and select Integration options.

Step 2

When the options screen opens click on Security option and then scroll down to see whether the Online Express option is ticked or not.

If it isn’t, tick it and click ok.

If it is… you have a different problem.  One that is out of scope for this guide.

Step 3

Once this has been changed the user will have to Exit and Sign Out but when they sign in again it should magically appear.