NAFUM Calling

Published: 5th February 2018

Note: For this process, you will need access to/training in Smarteezie + Online Express (OLX) + Batch in RE.

All NAFUM gifts via the TFC come through OLX as we are taking gifts in $ to our US dollar bank account.

Step 1

As with the usual online donations, go to OLX and in Transaction Options use the batch number 8916 to create a new batch (this has all the pre-set fields necessary for NAFUM 17/18 TFC gifts).

Step 2

Match the gift to the Raiser’s Edge record as usual in OLX, update any new incoming contact details.

When the new batch is created (using 8916 for defaults), go back into Transaction Options and tick the second option, with your newly created batch – this means all the gifts go into the same batch which you only need to commit once.

Step 3

Once you’ve processed all your NAFUM gifts, go into the batch you’ve just created and add in US$ to the gift reference (you may copy and paste from the emails you receive from OLX).

Step 4

This batch is pre-set to a Gift Source = Telephone – TFC. This gets a bit tricky when people start making donations online as a result of something else, or they might have been called and made a pledge. If in doubt, use Smarteezie to cross reference those who were called and made a gift over the phone, against those who did it themselves online as a result of something else – Donor News etc.

Step 5

Commit the batch and add the package to each one (this can be found in the Appeal tab of the Constituent record). When done, the gifts will look as below.

*Note – the money goes to NAFUM’s bank account and we don’t need to write letters to these donors.