Moving Between RE Records

Published: 30th October 2019

You may have noticed the blue arrows in the toolbar of a Raiser’s Edge record and wondered what they did. You may also have been afraid to click them.

Well it’s quite simple really.

Clicking on will skip to the next record alphabetically in RE.

Clicking on will skip to the previous record alphabetically in RE.

Clicking or will skip to the first or last record alphabetically.

These can save some time when searching, as you don’t need to return to the search page if looking through records with similar names.

Also, these are very useful in queries as it allows you to skip backwards and forwards through the query results.

One more button in the toolbar to be aware of is Go to.

This allows you to jump to an RE record from something like a Participant record or Action record to a full RE record.

If the constituent has a spouse, it will jump to the spouse’s record (if you hover over the Go to button, it will say the spouse’s name).