Merging Duplicate Records

Published: 29th November 2018

N.B. This should only be done by members of the Operations team.

Please email if you need to merge some records to be merged.

Step 1

Open both records side by side, with the record you’re merging from on the left side, and the record you’re keeping (i.e. merging in to) on the right.

Step 2

Go through each tab on each record and delete any duplicate values from the record on the left – so for example if an attribute is on both records, delete it from the record you’re merging from.

Step 3

If there is new data to move from the duplicate record, make a note of the tab it appears on.

Step 4

Do this for every tab on the records.

Step 5

Go to Bio1 and copy the ID from the left-hand record into the Aliases box of the right-hand record, as the Alias Type ‘duplicate VUM record’. If the ID starts with a U then this Alias Type is ‘duplicate UMIST record’.

Step 6

Close both records. Go to Admin, and then Merge Constituents

Step 7

The ID of the record you’re deleting goes in the left-hand box, and the record you’re keeping goes in the right-hand box.

Step 8

Select the tabs to move over into the right-hand record, make sure ‘delete source constituent’ is ticked, and click ‘Merge Now’.

Step 9

Some records need cleaning after being merged – for example merging Bio 1 will move addresses over, so you’ll want to make sure the most recent address is the primary one.