Manchester Network – Manual Verification

Last Updated: 18th July 2018
Reason: Changing URLs and adding new information.

Follow the steps below to manually verify someone on the Manchester Network.

Step 1

Log on to the Manchester network admin area:

Step 2

Click on ‘Manual Verification’ on right hand side.

Step 3

Find the constituent on RE, check it is the right person by checking DOB and Year of Graduation (but not current student).

  • Check the attributes tab for Mailing Preference – No Third Party Processing
  •  If this attribute is present, reject with following message:
  • As per your request of [date] we are in the process of removing your information from our systems, including the Manchester Network. If your preferences change at any point in the future please do contact us at
  • If the constituent is a current student, reject with following message:
  • As a current student please click on the button titled ‘Sign in with UoM’ and use your University username and password.

If no third party attribute is present on RE, click the Yes button.

Paste the ID number into the box and press Search.

Check the drop-down at the bottom of the display says alumni (or alumni-business if appropriate) and not external. Then, click Verify.

Error: ID already used – This means the constituent has signed up for Manchester Network since we changed from YMO. Enter the ID number in top right corner (of Manchester Network admin page) to find the username, reject with:

    This is because you already have a Manchester Network username:______

If you have forgotten your password, please use the following link for a reminder:

Note: If they have a UK FED account name (see Step 4) and they don’t appear on the spreadsheet (again, see step 4), contact Mark Lay who will inform Aluminati.

Step 4

Loss of SSO – UK Fed accounts

If the constituent has previously used the Manchester Network as a student or staff member there will be an existing account, starting with UK-FED.

In this case:

Check ID number given against Existing accounts – password reset_1 spreadsheet (Ctrl + F to search).

You can find this file here: I:\Development Services\Manchester Network\Manchester Network Manual Verification


If the ID number is found on the sheet:

Click No button on Manchester Network.

Next, copy and paste the Email Link from the spreadsheet (Column P) in to the dialogue box (this includes 2 links), then check the First Time Login Link to see if it has been used. You will need to use a different browser, or open a private window, e.g. Chrome Incognito (see below image for how to open one).

The below screenshot shows how the log-in screen should look if the First Time Login Link has not been used.

If the link has already been used, you will see the error messages below:

  • If the link has not been used before, delete the generic Password reset link ( from the dialogue box.
  • If the link has been used, delete the text ‘You’ll need to set a new password and username to login by following the link below:’ and delete the individual link from the dialogue box.

Click Reject Applicant

Step 5

If the constituent can’t be found on RE:

  • The Careers office send us a spreadsheet with a list of people who are external to the University but who are acting as mentors. This spreadsheet is located at I:\Development Services\Manchester Network\Manchester Network Manual Verification\External Mentors. Please use the most recent spreadsheet in the folder. The password is MG2018. If they are not on the careers office spreadsheet, reject the registration with the following message:

This is because we haven’t been able to match the details you signed up with to our database of University of Manchester graduates, students and staff yet.

To help us match your details with our records, please email with the username you registered with, your full name at graduation, your date of birth, your subject of study, graduation year or, if applicable, your University job title.

If you are external to The University, please email for help with registering for The Manchester Network.

  • If they are an external mentor:
    • Contact David Bradley to create a DARO ID for them.
    • David will create a record on RE with that ID and do the following:
      • Add Name, Email and DOB.
      • Mark as DNC and requests no email.
      • Add attribute Alumni Volunteer – Actual
    • Once the record is created, approve their application:
      • Once you have clicked Yes on the initial screen enter their DARO ID into the box and click Search.
      • It won’t find their ID so presents an error and asks if you want to force verification. Tick the box and Search again.
      • This time it will let the application go through – make sure their group is assigned to external.