Lime Survey – Creating a Survey

Published: 18th October 2018

Follow the steps below in order to create a basic survey on the Lime Survey platform.

Step 1

After logging into Limesurvey, click on the + sign in the top right corner to begin creating your survey.

Step 2

This opens up the Create, import, or copy survey page.

First, read the Data Protection warning in red.

You can now proceed to choose a Title, Description, Welcome Message and End Message for your survey.

Step 3

Enter your preferred Date format, Administrator name, Admin email and Bounce email. These will be your details if you are involved in moderating the survey.



Step 4

Once you have created your survey, you must now create a Question Group, before you can add any questions. A question group is basically a section of the survey, and each group gets its own page. For example, your first question group may be called Basic Details, and then on the next group/page, you could move onto more in depth questions.

Click the + sign beside the Question Groups drop down box.

To complete the set-up of a question group, just add the Title you wish to use and a Description if necessary. Then click Save question group.

Step 5

Now that you have created your question group, you may move onto the process of adding questions. Click the + sign beside the Questions drop down box.

Step 6

Now, you can populate the question field. First in the Code box, enter a code of your choosing (this needs to be done before every question). The codes should follow a logical order as you may need to use these when you download your answers.

Enter the text of the question in the Question box, and populate the Help box if necessary.

Next choose your Question type. There are a number of options such as lists, arrays, and free text boxes.

Next, choose whether this should be a Mandatory question (if not, the user can skip this question).

Finally click Add question.

Step 7

Now, after adding your question, you will need to enter your answer options (if the question is not asking for a text box answer).

Click on the icon second from the right in the Question menu (highlighted below).

Here, you can input your possible answers for the user to choose from. If you need to delete a response, you can click on the bin icon to the right.

You may click on Quick add to add responses faster. You just need to put each response on a separate line, and you can even copy and paste into this box.

Then, click Add once you’ve entered the details.

Step 8

Continue to add question groups and questions until you have completed your survey.

You can preview the survey at any time as you progress by clicking on the cog icon, as shown below:

When you are ready to activate your survey, click on the ‘Play’ symbol beside the red square (highlighted below).

You will now see the Activate survey screen.

This warns you that, once activated, you can no longer:

  • Add or delete groups
  • Add or delete questions
  • Add or delete subquestions or change their codes

You also have the option to change certain preferences, like saving IP addresses and timings.

Once you are happy to proceed with the survey, click Save/Activate survey.

You will then see a screen advising you that the survey has been activated, and that responses can be recorded.

It also gives you the chance to switch to a closed-access mode. If you would like to ignore this option, choose No, thanks.


Step 9

Finally, you are brought back to a summary screen from where you can manage and maintain the survey which is now live.

The most useful thing you will find here is the Survey URL (highlighted below). You can provide this link to your potential survey participants.

For more details about tracking your responses, please see this guide (coming soon).