Individual Relationships

Last Updated: 25th July 2018
Reason: Adding link to page detailing changes to Individual Relationships.

Individual Relationships on a constituent record links to other people. This could be anything from family members, colleagues, friends, people they know, and who may or may not have their own constituent record.

Step 1

First, click on the Relationships tab and then click on New Individual Relationship.

Step 2

In the General 1 tab, you will see the Biographical section on the left. If the relationship to be added involves someone with an existing constituent record, you can add their name in the Surname box and then click the binoculars icon to search.

Step 3

If your search returns some results you will see these displayed in the box entitled Open. Now you can either double click on your desired result or select it and click on Open in the top right corner.

If you are adding a Spousal relationship, tick the box marked Spouse in the bottom left of the screen.

Step 4

Once the correct constituent record is selected, it will automatically fill in those fields on the Individual relationship screen for which we already have data. If there is no existing record, you will need to fill out these fields manually.

Step 5

You will always need to select the Relationship and Reciprocal details to indicate how these two records relate to each other; e.g Husband/Wife, Brother/Sister etc. In the example below, Relationship is selected as Son, so Reciprocal goes down as Father. See this page for details of changes to the Individual Relationships table.

Under Date from, you should enter the date this relationship started and, if applicable, the date it ended under Date to.

Step 6

Once you have added all the Relationship details, click on Save and Close.

Step 7

After updating the Relationships screen, we may need to update the Addressees/Salutations tab also. This is usually when we are updating the status of a couple who may have received (or may want to receive) joint mailings.

We can choose from a drop down menu to select the most appropriate addressee (this goes with their address on the envelope) and salutation (the greeting at the beginning of a letter). You may need to click Editable? to the right in order to access the drop down menu.

Once you have chosen the appropriate addressee/salutation, select Save and Close.

Step 8

Once you have added a relationship, you should see it listed amongst the others that already exist on the main Relationships tab. You can open any of these by double clicking on the name, or clicking once and selecting Open from the menu above. Alternatively, you can select a relationship and choose Delete, upon which you will be asked to confirm whether you want to delete the relationship.