Inactive – Definition

Published: 3rd November 2017

Marking a constituent as Inactive is an act of finality which is intended to remove them from DDAR activity permanently. This is for situations when it is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that the constituent will ever have a desire to be engaged or involved in DDAR activity.

The coding must only be undertaken by a member of the Development Services team, and a full explanation must be provided by whoever has the contact which results in the constituent being marked as Inactive. This explanation will be recorded in the Notes section, using the type ‘Inactive’ Explanation, and dated appropriately.

As it is fundamentally impossible to quantify all situations where we would apply this coding, an element of interpretative judgment must be applied. As this is also an act of finality, caution must be exercised – this should not be a substitute for a ‘no correspondence’, and only used in the most extreme situations (for example, an official complaint).

A constituent, could, of course, freely request to re-establish contact with the University at a point in the future. If this is the case the ‘Inactive’ coding can be removed; the key point however, is that for our purposes ‘Inactive’ is an act of finality with no DDAR expectation of this person ever wanting to be re-involved with us.

There are instances where this coding may be applied at the DDAR’s discretion.  Again, this must always be done by a member of the Development Services team.