Global Adds

Published: 12th June 2018

Step 1

In Raiser’s Edge, choose Admin from the left hand menu, then Administration, and finally Globally Add Records.

Step 2

Choose what kind of information you want to add to Raiser’s Edge, e.g. Registrants for an event.

Step 3

Next you need to decide which records you want to add information to. Click Include and then choose either Selected individuals or Selected organisations.


You should never choose All individuals or All organisations.

Step 4

You now need to find the query that contains the Constituent IDs of the relevant individuals. Enter the name of the query under Query name and click Find Now.

There is a query named Event Global Add which you can use for adding participants, by just changing the constituent ids in the Criteria.

Step 5

Next, choose the Event that you want to add the registrants to (if it is an Event Global Add). Click on the binoculars icon to bring up the search box.

Then, enter the event name under Event Name field or search by Event ID if you know what it is. Double click on a result to select it.

Step 6

You can now click on Registrant Information to determine which Event information to add to each constituent.

Click Save and Close once you have completed this section.

Step 7

For the final three options:

  • Tick Create control report and Preview.
  • Tick Create exception query.
  • Tick Update number invited.

Finally, click Add Now.

Step 8

In the next screen, you have the option to choose how to save your Static Query.

You can edit the options if you like and then click on Save.

Finally, you may see a Global Add Report appear on your screen which will summarise the changes you have made. Once you have reviewed, click X to exit the report.