Retired constituent and we have no other employment knowledge

Published: 4th August 2017

Step 1

In the Business tab of the constituent’s record, set the Org name as Non-Specified.

Step 2

Position should become: Retired – Non-Specified. (Leave Industry and Profession blank)

Step 3

Relationship and Reciprocal to become Former Employer and Former Employee.

Step 4

Date from and Date to should be left blank (the idea is we can eventually fill in the data we do not know).



Step 5

Click on the More button beside the Country field to access the Business Address details.

Step 6

In the Business address tab:

  • Country will be Unknown.
  • Address type will be to Former Business.
  • Info Source should be set to Unknown.
  • Send mail to this address will be unticked.
  • Date from and Date to – leave blank if we do not have any information on the address.

Step 7

Ensure that you click on Save and Close once you have made all your changes to the constituent’s Business record.