Retired constituent and we have knowledge of their career

Published: 4th August 2017

Their most recent business details will now remain the Primary details, so will still show up on Bio 1 and any queries on this field (they were formerly archived to the relationships tab).

Step 1

The primary business job title will change to Retired XYZ (so Information Manager becomes Retired Information Manager).

Step 2

The Relationship and Reciprocal will change to Former Employer and Former Employee respectively.

Step 3

Date to and Date from should be populated only if we know the dates they worked here, and left blank if we do not.

If you only know the month, or even the year of retirement, just enter this as we may not always have the exact retirement date.


Step 4

Click on the More button beside the Country field to access the Business Address details.

Step 5

In the business address:


  • Address type will change to Former Business.
  • Send mail to this address will be unticked.
  • Date from and Date to
    • Populate Date from with the date we found out about any address data, and Date to the date it ceased to be valid (so this can be the same date).
    • Leave blank if we do not have any information on the address.

Step 6

Ensure that you click on Save and Close once you have made all your changes to the constituent’s Business record.