Exporting/Importing on LimeSurvey

Published: 23rd January 2019

If you need to move a survey from one LimeSurvey account to another, you can export and import by following the steps below.


Step 1

Open the survey that you wish to export.

In the Survey options, hover over the Display/Export icon, choose Export, and then choose Survey structure (.lss).

Step 2

This will bring up a window allowing you to choose where to save the file. After you have chosen where to save it, click Save.

Step 3

Now, log into the account you want to move the survey to.

In the top right corner, click on the green + icon.

Step 4

When the next screen appears, under the red Warning box, choose the option for Import.

Then, click on Choose file to find the file you saved in step 2. Once you have chosen your file, don’t un-tick the box labelled Convert resource links and INSERTANS fields and click on Import Survey.


Step 5

You should see a screen that says Success.

Click on Go to survey to find your newly-imported survey.