Explicit Consent To Contact By

Published: 5th September 2017

These are the steps to take to add explicit consent attributes to a constituent’s record. The constituent must have informed you they are happy to receive communication via that channel (e.g. Business Email) before we can add this to their RE record.

If you have any questions, contact re.support@manchester.ac.uk.

Step 1

Open the constituent’s record and click on the Attributes tab.

Step 2

Follow the steps below:

  • Under Category, select Explicit Consent To Contact By.
  • In the Description column, choose the relevant communication method we have been given consent to use (Home Tel, Personal Email, Business Email).
  • For Date, enter the date we were given this consent by the constituent. This should match any corresponding Action; if we get consent in a prospect meeting, the date of consent should be the same as the meeting action.
  • In Comments, enter as specifically as possible how we obtained this consent (e.g. Prospect Cultivation Call, Email to Alumni Inbox ).

Note, that they may have given us consent for multiple attributes (e.g. Personal Email and Business Email) so you will need to add an attribute line for each.

Step 3

Click on Save and Close to save the attribute to the constituent’s record.