Events Registration – Online Express

Published: 12th January 2018

Follow the steps to process an event registration on Online Express.

Summary/problems to be aware of:

• The main problem is ‘Guest name’ i.e. the person books for two and puts their own name as their guest name resulting in a duplicate event registration on the Constituent record. Events are aware of this and should be able to spot them.
• Participant on Event marked as Do not register – because they registered someone other than themselves for an event: (works the same on OLX)
• Particularly with events in China – a different email address to register than we have on RE – it doesn’t necessarily mean the existing email address we have is ‘former’ – they may just use more than one.
• Do not add any new records without checking the registrant thoroughly first + be careful with adding addresses – the forms are free type /there is no address validation so a registrant can write whatever they want
• New phone numbers must have any non-numeric characters taken out when updating (eg. + or -).
• Always tidy new addresses – watch out for ‘county’ as this can remain on the new address. Having Info Source as a required field forces you to open any new address added before processing the registration.

Step 1

Matching the constituent

Constituent matching is currently done on email address only – OLX will search RE for the email address provided in the event registration regardless of type (see Account in OLX):

Step 2

If there is a match on email address, the Linked Constituent will appear in the blue box.

Step 3

Click Process Transaction and you will get:

This happens if there are differences between the event registration information and the RE record, always click Yes to see what is different. Many times, it is capitalisation of certain words or it is down to OLX’s inability to ‘see’ email types.

In the below example, the registrant has used their business email to sign up, which we already have on RE as ‘Business Email’ – OLX thinks this is a new email and wants to import it as a Personal Email type (the same happens for phone numbers).


Step 4

  • You can open the constituent at this point to check what information you need to bring in and update any email addresses/phone numbers
  • Use the tick boxes on the left to choose which information comes in as new.

  • For new addresses use the ‘Add the downloaded information as a new address for this constituent’  – RE will force you to go into the new address to tidy + add an Info Source ‘Event Registration’

  • If there are ‘updates’ you are not bringing in, OLX will show you the pop-up box below after you ‘Save and Close’:

Click Yes if you are happy that we have all the information in RE.

Step 5

Potential error message at point of processing the Event Registration (though is rare):

• This means the person has been added to the event already as a pre-booker or VIP.
• Once you’ve gone through all the registrations, you should just have any problem ones left. Go into Config and Allow multiple constituent registration under Business Rules > Event options and let know about any problem ones as these will look like duplicate event registrations.

Step 6

If there is no record match:

If you can’t find a match using all the available information – try emailing the person (if they have said they’re not an alumnus and they don’t match an existing record it’s probably safe to add a new record).

The fields below (right hand pane) are chosen by the events team to put on the event registration form which are then added as attributes in RE (-1 = Alumnus / 0 = Non-Alumnus), it should help with matching records:

Step 7

3. After you have processed your first registration/IF IT CONTAINS A PAYMENT!

Make a note of the Batch number, but click ‘No’:

Go to Tools > Transactions options and select the second option – see below. This will put all the registrations with a payment into one batch which you only need to commit once:

Step 8

Committing the batch

After all the registrations are processed, and you have multiple payments, you need to go and commit the batch you just created – this puts the payment onto to the registrant’s RE record as a gift:

Click the green ‘!’ to commit the batch.


Step 9

Problems you may get asked about:

The ***guest name problem*** (i.e. the person booking looks like they are bringing themselves – see screenshot below – it will look like multiple registrations on the same constituent record)
Note: The following wording should be on every event registration page on the website to try to reduce the problem: “If you are intending to bring a guest but don’t know who yet, please name them as ‘Guest One’ in the form below.”

Refunds for event payments – send these to me,, for now!