Events Dashboard

Published: 28th October 2019

Use the Events Dashboard to find out more about your event registrants and attendees.

Follow the steps below to run the process and if you have any questions about the dashboard, contact Darren Good.

Step 1

Go to Query > Events Team > Event Registered.

Step 2

Edit and enter the ID for the event you want to report on and then click Save.

Step 3

Go to Export > Events > Event Registered – Full Output – for analysis

Click Export Now.

Step 4

Save as ‘EventAnalysisExport.XLSX‘ (overwrite the existing file) in:

I:\Events Team\Event Planning\Event Data

Then, in the same location, open ‘Event Dashboard.xlsx‘.

Step 5

Click ‘Enable Content‘ if the security warning appears.

On the Data menu, click Refresh All (or use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F5)

Step 6

View the underlying detail on the tabs Registrations and Attendees only.

Attendee degree subject and level details are available in the remaining tabs.

Step 7


  • Donors have constituent code ‘Donor – Ever‘.
  • Influencers have attribute ‘Influencer List‘.
  • Alumni have constituent code.
  • Volunteers have attribute ‘Alumni Volunteer – Actual‘ [will be changing to the volunteer tab].
  • First time attendees – attendance at this event was their first.