Discoverer: Navigating a Report

Published: 13th December 2017

Oracle Discoverer is a reporting tool that we use for tracking and measuring various University numbers, including Alumni numbers, Graduate Employment, and Prospects.

This guide shows you how to open a report, use the worksheets and finally close a report.

Please note that Discoverer does not work with Chrome Browser, so you should use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.



After logging in, you will be given the option of opening an existing workbook or creating a new workbook (it defaults to this option).

Click on Open an existing workbook and then click Browse.



Click once on the + sign beside DDAR_REPORTING and then you are presented with the various DDAR Reports.

Again, click once on the report you wish to open so that it’s highlighted in blue (not the + sign) and then click on Open.



Once your report appears, you will notice a top menu bar featuring various icons.

Please find below an explanation of some of the most commonly used icons:

  Refresh: Click if you need to refresh a report or if you wish to change the Parameter Values; e.g. you want to search for a different employer in the Graduate Employment report.

  Sort Low to High: Click first on a column header and then on this to sort items from low to high. For example, when you want to sort alphabetically from A to Z.

  Sort High to Low: Click first on a column header and then on this to sort items from high to low. For example, when you want to sort alphabetically from Z to A.

  Edit Graph: This allows you to change the appearance of a graph, e.g. change a pie chart to a bar chart etc.

 Graph Type: A quicker way of amending the graph type.

  3D Effect:  Gives a three dimensional appearance to your graphs.



If you wish to add another item to the worksheet, simply highlight it in the Items menu on the left, and then drag and drop it into the main worksheet on the right. Alternatively, you can right click on the item and select Add to Worksheet.



In order to close one DDAR Report and open another, go to File and Close, click No when asked if you wish to save the changes, and then File and Open. This takes you back to the same screen as seen in Step 2.

If you wish to close Discoverer completely, click File and then Exit.