DDAR Divisional MI report

Published: 2nd August 2019

Step 1

Go to the Apps section in Power BI.

Select the option for DDAR Divisonal MI.

Step 2

When the report loads up, click on Alumni Numbers in the left hand menu (circled in red) in order to see the full range of categories.

You should now see the list of subsections within the report.

Step 3

You can now explore the various sections of the report, such as Alumni by Country. Simply zoom in on the map in order to get Alumni numbers for any country.

Step 4

On the right hand side of the screen there is an option called Filters.

As the name suggests, this allows you to filter the data to your needs. For example, perhaps you want to view all our alumni in France who are in their twenties. Open up the Filters option, choose Age Category and select the option for 20-30. This now will only show the statistics for all alumni aged 20-30 on the map. (In order to remove the filter, just untick the same box. If you have applied multiple filters and want to reset them all, you can untick one by one or click Reset to Default in the top menu bar).

Step 5

Most visualisations on Power BI are interactive. You can hover over them for more information. Also, you can click on graphs to filter the report. In the screenshot below, clicking on the graph for Female, filters all graphs on the page to only show statistics for Female.