Discoverer/Data Warehouse – First Time Setup

Published: 6th September 2017

Discoverer is an extremely useful data analysis tool that can provide many answers quicker and easier than running a query. Please follow the guides below to learn how to access these reports.

If you require access to Discoverer or need a new password, please email

Note: Discoverer only works in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Step 1

Open either Internet Explorer or Firefox and, if you have not already saved the link, go to

Click on Discoverer Plus (Regular) under Staff Systems in the bottom left.

Step 2

The Discoverer log-in screen should appear. Click Create Connection in the top right if this is your first time to log in.

Step 3

Follow these steps to complete this page:

  • Name: The connection name can be anything you like, e.g.  My Discoverer.
  • User Name: Enter your usual IT username.
  • Password: Enter the Discoverer password you were initially provided.
  • Database: Enter dwp1

Once you have populated these fields, click on Apply and Connect (either of the two buttons).

Step 4

Next time you arrive on the log-in page, you will see your connection in the Choose Connection section. Click on this to advance.

Step 5

All you need to do is enter your password and click on Go.