Creating a letter/Adding a Letter as an action

Published: 2nd February 2018

Step 1

Go to the constituent record and click the arrow beside the little ‘word’ icon.

Step 2

‘Blank Letter’ is set up with the address, date, constituent ID and salutation (no joint salutation – so keep this in mind if writing to a couple).

See if you want to set up a letter template you would use on a regular basis.

If ‘Blank Letter’ doesn’t appear on your menu – go to Modify Letter Menu at the bottom of the list and search for it.

Step 3

To add as an action:

  • When you have finished your letter, go to ‘Add-Ins’ (top right of word document)
  • ‘Save this document as an action’

  • Raiser’s Edge will tell you this:

  • Click OK and complete your action as required.