Create an Event

Published: 21st January 2019

Follow the steps in the guide below to learn how to create an event on Raiser’s Edge. This should only be done by members of the Events team.

Step 1

In RE, click on Records on the left hand menu, followed by Events.

Then, click on New Event.

Step 2

You will now see a box appear named New Event.

First, you need to complete the General tab.

Start by entering your Event Name (include the event date in this box) and Event ID. The ID always takes the form of the event’s initials, followed by a space and then the date in MMYY format.

e.g. Cockcroft Rutherford Lecture in May 2019 becomes CRL 0519

International Events should always be prefixed with IE.

See here for a list of Event Codes.

Step 3

Click on the appropriate option for Category.

This should only ever be DinnerOther, Sporting Event but never Class.

Step 4

In the Description box, type a description of the event. Be as detailed as necessary to explain exactly what this event is about.

Step 5

Choose the most relevant Type for this event.

Then, if the event is part of a Grouping, choose the relevant option.

(If an event incorporates a number of smaller events, e.g Cockcroft Rutherford, which has a lecture, as well as Dinner, then it can be classed as a Grouping)

If you feel an event needs a Grouping to be created, then please speak to Events or Operations.

Step 6

Ignore ‘Campaign’, ‘Event Goal’ and ‘Itinerary Description’ as these are not used (for now).

For Capacity, enter the maximum capacity of the room where the event will held.

Ignore ‘No. Invited’.

Ignore “Event is inactive” and “Display on calendar of events”.

Step 7

For Start date/End date boxes, just enter the Event times, not the time the venue is booked for.

Skip the Coordinators box for now, as this can be entered in the Participants tab later in the process.

Step 8

Click Location which opens a pop out box.

  • Location – This needs to be the name of the venue.
  • Enter FULL address always, and this must include Country.
  • Enter the Contact person at the venue
  • Enter any Notes. e.g. catering specifics, disabled access.

Ignore the Seating button, as this is not yet used.

Step 9

Move onto the Pricing tab.

Enter a value for Unit (e.g. Attendee, Staff, Student etc) and Gift Amount (ticket price, if there is one). The Receipt Amount automatically populates.

Step 10

Move onto the Expenses tab.

Choose an Expense Type from the drop down menu, and then populate the Budgeted (how much you estimate this will cost), Expense (how much it actually costs) and Paid (confirmation of how much was paid to the vendor). Don’t forget to enter the Date also.

Step 11

Skip the Jobs tab and move onto Participants instead.

Click on New Registrant to begin adding someone to an event.

Enter their Surname and First Name and then click on the binoculars icon. This will check to see if they have a Raiser’s Edge record. If they do, clicking on their name will populate the Participant Biographical Information box automatically. If they don’t, just manually fill out the boxes.

Step 12

Once the participant record has been created, they will show up in the Participants tab. You can double click their name to bring up their participant record and make further changes.

  • If the participant is a prospect, you can add their DDAR manager in the Canvasser box.
  • Select their Participation status from the drop down list. There are many options but Attendee will be the most commonly used.
  • Enter the most appropriate option for Paid Status.
  • Under Invitation, mark as Invited along with the date of invitation.
  • Record the participant’s response to the invitation under Response.
  • Select their Registration status from the drop down list.
  • Ignore the Seating section (we may use this in the future).
  • Only tick Participant is a coordinator if this is the case.

Step 13

If you need to add a guest to a participant’s record, click on the Guests tab in the bottom right:

When the next box appears, click on New Guest and then click Individual:

Step 14

Enter the guest’s Surname and First name and then click the binoculars icon to check if they have a record.

If they do, it will auto populate the box, and if not, enter the details manually.

Don’t un-tick the box labelled Create a participant record for this guest. But change the Registration option accordingly.

Ignore the name tag and place cards options.

Click Save and Close.

Step 15

In the Events record, the tabs for Jobs, Actions, Attributes, Media and Notes are not currently used, but this may change.

Once you have finished amending the event, please click Save and Close.