Core Funding Process (for Gift and Finance Officer)

Published: 19th October 2020

The Gift and Finance Officer should set up a new fund(s) for each major gift. Naming convention TBC. Query to be set up to allow them to look for this info, and flag gifts that don’t have this on their proposals, so they can chase with the fundraisers. Info to be included on fund:

  • Fund ID and Name (TBC, but eg MAP – John Smith Scholarships)
  • Fund Category = Philanthropic priority/scholarship scheme as outlined above
  • Fund Types = Area of benefit as outlined above
  • Fund is restricted
    • Tick = non-budget relieving
    • Untick = budget relieving (core funding)

Some gifts will need to be split across two funds.

If the Fund is restricted box is unticked, the gift is Core Funding.