Contact Report: Process

Published: 13th November 2017

Follow these steps in order to run the monthly Contact Reports process.

Step 1

Go to the O drive and select ContactReports.accdb.

Step 2

Right click on Contact Reports and select Design View.

Step 3

In the Notepad date, change the date to the relevant month, in the format ‘YYYYMM’.

Click Run.

Step 4

When the results appear, left-click in the grey square in the top left to select the whole sheet.

Then right-click and select Copy

Step 5

In Microsoft Word, change the aspect to Landscape.

Paste the results from the Access sheet.

Step 6

Save as Contact Report_October2017 (change the month accordingly).

Note that, generally, at the start of November, you should be doing the report for October, at the start of December, you should create the report for November etc.

Save in the following file: I Drive/Development Services/Prospect Research/Contact Reports