Constituent Requests No Email

Published: 30th August 2017

Follow this process if a constituent tells you they don’t want to receive emails from DDAR.

Step 1

Click on the Email Addresses tab in Bio 1.

Step 2

Un-tick the Primary? box and instead tick the Inactive? box.

Step 3

Ensure that you tick Requests no email in the tick-box in the bottom right of the screen.

Step 4

Now, go to the Attributes tab and ensure the Mailing Preferences are amended as shown below. All five DDAR options (Events Email, Fundraising Email, Marketing Email, News & Announcements, Volunteering Email) should be set to No (if they requested no email whatsoever), as well as the more general mailing preference which has a description of No Email.

Ensure the dates are updated with the date the constituent made this request.

Enter a comment beside each Mailing Preference attribute giving the source of this information (e.g. email, phone, meeting).

Step 5

Click Save and Close once these changes have been made.