CAF Vouchers (and card payment*) – POST

Published: 26th March 2019

CAF Vouchers (and card payment*) – POST

You will need:

Things to note:

  • Vouchers over 6 months old cannot be accepted and you’ll need to talk to the donor
  • Vouchers over £5,000 should be sent directly to CAF


  1. Use the previous uploads here I:\Development Services\Gift Processing\CAFonline Voucher and Card Uploads to fill in the CAF voucher/card details
    1. The Campaign Code stays the same for every submission
    2. Save as csv with today’s date as the name (beware that card numbers need to be stored as text when saving as csv)
  2. Log in to CAF online 
  3. Go to ‘Upload your CAF Vouchers’ or ‘Upload your CAF CharityCards’

  1. Go to ‘choose file’ and select the csv you just created
  2. ‘Submit’
  3. Your submission should appear in the ‘Upload history’ at the bottom of the page – if it doesn’t, don’t click refresh, instead go to the top of the page to ‘Process donations’ > ‘CAF Vouchers’ to refresh the page:
  4. Your submission should appear at the top of the upload history – it will tell you if it’s been successful or not. You can click ‘view’ to see the reason if it was not successful.

* rare now because there is no space for card details on the donation form