Assigning a Canvasser

Published: 8th September 2017

This guide will show you how to add a new assigned canvasser to a prospect.

Step 1

Click on the Relationship tab in the constituent’s record and then choose Assigned Canvassers from the left hand menu.

Step 2

Click on New Assigned Canvasser in the top left.

Step 3

If you know the Canvasser’s full name (or even just the surname), you can simply type it in the Canvasser field and hit the tab key (↹ ), which will populate the field with their name and ID number.


Step 4

If their name doesn’t appear in the previous step, a search box will appear as below. Enter their details and click on Find Now on the right. If you still can’t find the canvasser name, it’s possible they have not yet been made a canvasser. In that case, email for more information.

Step 5

Choose the Canvasser Type from the drop down menu (DDAR Manager for Fundraisers). If you’re not sure which option to choose, contact the prospect management team.

Step 6

Under Date from enter the date this person became an assigned canvasser.

Step 7

Click on Save and Close once you have finished adding all the canvasser details.