Amend Phone Number

Published: 31st August 2017

This guide refers to the process of modifying an existing phone number. For example, changing the type from Mobile to Business Tel, or adding in a missing digit.

Step 1

On the Bio 1 screen of the constituent’s record, click on the tab for Telephone Numbers.

Step 2

You can change the phone Type by clicking in the blue box and selecting from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

If you need to amend the number (missing digit etc.), simply change it in the Number column.

Step 4

You will only need to change Primary/Inactive boxes if you are adding/replacing email addresses.

Guide to Adding Phone Number (None Previously Exist) is here.

Guide to Add Phone Number (Replacing Existing Number) is here.

Step 5

Click Save and Close once you finished amending the telephone details.