Amending or Ending a Spousal Relationship

Published: 19th June 2017

This process is for updating the relationship status between constituents on RE.  The process involves updating both constituents that make up the relationship.

Step 1

Change Marital Status on Bio 1 to the appropriate option (Divorced, Separated etc.).

Step 2

Go to Relationships tab, select the relationship to be amended, and double click to open.

You can enter today’s date easily by pressing F3 when in a date field box.

Step 3

Untick the Spouse option in the bottom left of the General 1 tab

Step 4

Change Relationship and Reciprocal to appropriate options from the drop down list (e.g. Former Wife and Former Husband). Then, change Date from to today’s date (or date of relationship change, if we know this)

Step 5

Go to Addressees/Salutations tab and delete or amend any joint salutations.