Alumni Inbox

Published: 2nd May 2018

  • First thing each morning, Pauline is going to review the inbox and assign the messages Operations can deal with to the ‘_Operations to Action’ folder in the inbox.
  • These will be core transaction messages, such as updating details, contact preferences etc.  For each, we need to:
    • Action the request on RE
    • Respond to the individual using one of the pre-set messages Pauline will provide
    • Add the Action trail onto RE as the appropriate type – usually either ‘Contact Preferences’ or ‘Details Update’.
  • Please do not use the ‘task’ function in Outlook to mark these as done as this will play havoc with Pauline’s filing system.  Please mark ones that have been done with Dark Maroon category ‘Actioned by Operations’ – please ask Tom Jirat or Barry Miller how to do this if you’re not sure.
  • Pauline will file the daily messages for us to action by 10am; we need a daily task to ensure we action these.