Last Updated: 03rd December 2018
Reason: Amending screenshots

Step 1

Go to the Addressees/Salutations tab on the constituent’s record. You will see two fields at the top entitled Primary addressee and Primary salutation.

Step 2

Primary addressee relates to the name that will appear with the address on the front of the correspondence. You can click the drop down box to select variations of how this will appear, which may be quite a number if the constituent has an individual relationship on RE (see step 4).

Primary salutation relates to the greeting at the beginning of any correspondence sent to the constituent (e.g. Dear Mr Record). Again, you can choose from the drop down box to select one of the variations.

Step 3

If for some reason, the Addressee/Salutation you wish to use is not amongst the drop down options, you can enter this manually by clicking on Editable? to the right of the field.

Step 4

If you add a spouse to a constituent and they want to be addressed as a couple (some will still prefer to receive individual mailings), then you need to add a separate joint salutation.

Under Additional Addressees and Salutations, add a new line and choose a line each for Joint Addressee and Joint Salutation.

Then choose a drop down for the most appropriate name combination.

You should have a line each for Joint Addressee and Joint Salutation. Finally, click Save and Close.