Add a New Personal Address (An Address Currently Exists)

Last Updated: 15th October 2019
Reason: Removing requirement to choose Region

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Step 1

Open the constituent record and click on the Addresses tab.

Step 2

Click on New Address tab in the top left corner.

Step 3

Enter the new address, ensuring the City field is all in capital letters.

We never replace an address. Instead we mark an old address as ‘Former’ and add a new address.

Step 4

The Address type will pre-fill to Home but change this if there is a more appropriate option. Ensure that the Info source is chosen from the drop down menu.

You should never add a business address in the Addresses tab. Instead, you should add this through the Business tab. For a guide on how to do this, please click here.

Skip the Region field (this updates automatically).

Step 5

Send mail to this address will already be ticked. Only un-tick this if the constituent has told you they don’t wish to be contacted by post.

Tick Set this address to the preferred address if this will be their main address.

Step 6

In the Valid Dates section, ensure that the Date from field is populated with the date we learned of their change in address (you can press F3 for today’s date).

Step 7

Click on Save and Close in the top left corner.

Step 8

Open the previous address in the Addresses tab and change Address Type to the appropriate option such as Former Home. Ensure that Send mail to this address and Set this address to the preferred address are unticked on the old address.

Step 9

Check that in the Valid Dates section, that the Date to section is populated with today’s date.

Step 10

Click on Save and Close once all changes have been made.