Adding Media

Published: 8th August 2017

Adding documents and photos to the Media tab on RE is a reasonably straightforward process. Please note that we usually need to add media from the I or P drives. RE will sometimes have problems uploading media from Desktop.

Follow the steps below but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact

Step 1

On the constituent’s record, click on the Media tab, and then select the option for New Media.

Step 2

After clicking New Media, a box entitled Insert Object will appear. Choose the option Create from File on the left hand side and then click on Browse to search for the file you would like to add.

Step 3

Browse your computer for the file you wish to add to RE and click on Open.

Step 4

Before clicking on OK, ensure to tick the box Display As Icon. This ensures that the item will display correctly when viewed by others.

Step 5

After clicking OK, you will need to fill out some fields before completing your upload.

  • Date: This will auto-fill with today’s date.
  • Title: This can be anything relevant to the upload.
  • Type: Choose the most appropriate from the drop down list.
  • Author: This will revert to your name.
  • Proposal: You can select a Proposal from here (however this will auto-populate if you upload via the media tab in the Proposal).
  • Description: Enter a short description describing the source and content of the document.

Click Save and Close once you have filled out these fields.

Step 6

You should now see a line with your upload details on the Media tab. Double click to open.

Step 7

Now double click on the icon beneath the input fields to display your media.

Step 8

Your media will display in it’s relevant format (e.g. JPEG, PDF etc).