Adding Events to Manchester Network

Published: 12th February 2019

It’s very easy to add your event to the Manchester Network. Follow the steps below to get up to speed!

Step 1

Sign in to the Admin area of the Manchester Network, and then find the Content Management section, and click on Manage Events.

Step 2

Click on the option to Add Event from the top menu.

Step 3

You should fill out all fields:

  • Title: Add your Event name here.
  • Description: This description will appear to users on the Manchester Network.
  • Category: Which Category Group does this event fall under (you can add more than one). Don’t forget to click Add after selecting.
  • Visibility: Show/Hide. You’re probably going to want to choose Show.
  • Website/Email address: Link to where people can obtain tickets.
  • Text for join button: Choose what you would like to see on the Join button.
  • Event Details: Enter Date, Time, Timezone and Location.

You should also add an image. Click Add Image and choose from your computer. If you need to crop the image, simply click on it.

Step 4

Now check in the Events section of the Manchester Network. You should see your event listed here.