Adding Education Details

Published: 27th July 2017

University of Manchester qualifications will be added automatically (via API), however there may be times you need to manually fill in some details of a constituents non-Manchester qualifications, which the guide below can help with.

Only qualifications awarded by University of Manchester will be shown in the Education record on Bio 1. All other education records will be available in the Relationships tab.

Step 1

Click on the Education tab in the bottom right of Bio 1.

Step 2

Select the school/university name from the Establishment drop down box, along with the appropriate Faculty in the field below (Career can usually be left blank). If the Education tab was already blank, the Primary alumni information box will show as ticked. This determines which education details to display when you select Education from the Bio 1 screen.

Step 3

In the middle section, enter the Subject Code if you have it, which degree they graduated in under Awarded, and the Status of the degree, which will usually be Completed Program.

Step 4

Under Course Information, fill in as many fields as you have the information for.

Step 5

Click Save and Close when you have finished editing the Education tab.