Adding Business Details (Business Currently Exists)

Published: 29th August 2017

This guide explains how to add new job details for a constituent and set them as the Primary business information, where they already have an existing job on Raiser’s Edge.

If you are adding a new job and we have no pre-existing employment information, please follow the guide here.

Step 1

Open the constituent’s record and click on the Business tab in Bio 1.

Step 2

Change the Relationship field to Former Employer and change the Reciprocal field to Former Employee. Fill in the Date to with whichever date we believe the constituent finished in this role (this can just be the month or even just the year, if that’s all you know).

Then, click on More to amend the address details.

Step 3

Change the Address type to Former Business. Ensure to un-tick Send mail to this address.

Populate Date to with the date when we found out this job was no longer current, not when the constituent actually finished (this date goes in the main business screen as shown in the previous step).

Click on Save and Close which will take you back to the main Organisational Relationship screen.

Step 4

Once you have finished making these changes, go to File and then Save and New. This will now open a new business record which you can populate with the new employment details.

Step 5

Enter the business name in the Org name field and click the binocular icon on the right hand side to check for pre-existing records.

Step 6

If the organisation already exists in Raiser’s Edge, you will be presented with a list from which you can choose the most appropriate option. Double click to add the details to the Business tab or select one and click Open. (University of Manchester only used as an example)

Step 7

If you choose an organisation that already exists in RE, you need to be careful not to change the address details, as this will bring up a pop up box like that shown in the screenshot below. If you see this box, always choose the second option to change the address on this record only. Otherwise, it will change the organisation address on RE and for everyone linked to this organisation.

Step 8

Add the name of the business (if it does not already exist in Raiser’s Edge) and add the full business address, ensuring to add the City name all in capital letters.

Click on More (beside the country field) to open further address details.

Step 9

After clicking More, fill in the Address type, Info Source and Region (if you’re unsure which region a particular postcode belongs to, refer to the list here) with the appropriate options.

Send mail to this address will be already ticked. Leave ticked unless they specify they don’t want to receive mail.

In the Valid Dates section, ensure that the Date from field is populated with the date we learned of their change in address.

Click Save and Close once complete.

Step 10

From the Industry drop down list, choose the most suitable category.

Step 11

Add the constituent’s job title in the Position field. Tick the Print box if this should be added to the address when mail is being sent.

Step 12

From the Profession drop down list, choose the most appropriate for the constituent.

Step 13

Ensure the Relationship and Reciprocal options are selected (e.g. Employer from the Relationship option if this is who the constituent currently works for, and Employee under the Reciprocal)

Step 14

Add the start date of employment in the Date from field (If we know it. If we don’t, leave it blank)

Step 15

Add the business telephone numbers/emails in the bottom left field.

Note that business telephone numbers for a constituent should be added in both Business and Bio 1 tabs.

Guides to adding email addresses here.

Guide to adding phone numbers here

Step 16

Select Save and Close in the top left corner once you have added all the new business address details.

Step 17

Once you have exited the More screen, before you exit the record, ensure that the Primary Business Information box is ticked. When you click on Save and Close, you will receive a pop up box asking if you would like to make this new position the primary business? Click Yes, and then click on Save and Close.

Please also note, it is possible to add business details without making them the Primary Business (e.g. second jobs) and we can also add previous jobs in the same way, but we would choose Former Employer in Address Type and Former Employer/Employee in Relationship and Reciprocal fields.

Step 18

Finally, go to the Attributes tab.

  • Category: Select Career Status. (If it does not exist already as an attribute. If it already exists, amend it accordingly)
  • Description: Choose most appropriate, e.g. Employed, Self-Employed.
  • Date: Enter date we learned of employment change.
  • Comments: Where did we learn of this information, e.g. Email from Constituent, Meeting etc.

Click Save and Close once complete.

Step 19

Once you have exited the Business record and added the Attribute, from the Bio 1 screen click on the Business tab to confirm that the new job details now appear here (instead of the previous details).