Adding Actions

Published: 3rd August 2017

This is the updated process for adding Actions to a constituent’s record. If you have any questions about this please contact

Step 1

Go to the Actions tab on the constituent’s record and then select New Action.

Step 2

The New Action box will appear. First you need to ensure the Name box is filled in correctly. If you open the Actions tab from inside a constituent’s record, this will always pre-fill with the name.

Step 3

Next, choose the category of Action (Phone Call, Meeting, Mailing, Email, Task/Other).

Step 4

Choose the most appropriate Action type from the drop down menu. Note that there are specific options depending on your area of the Division.

  • AR – Alumni Relations
  • CO – Communications
  • DR – Donor Relations
  • MG – Major Giving
  • RG – Regular Giving

Step 5

Choose the date of this action. It will default to today’s date but you can change it backwards or forward in time. You may fill in the Start time and End time but this is not strictly necessary.

Step 6

Next, add yourself as a Canvasser. Click on the Canvassers button on the left of the tab and then, when the search box appears, either type your name or click on the Binoculars icon to search for your name.

Step 7

Choose the most appropriate Status for this action (e.g. Completed, Pending). If the action has been fully completed, tick the box underneath and fill in Action completed on with the relevant date.

Step 8

Depending on the Category of action, the bottom left field will ask for more details about the action. In the example below, because we have selected Meeting, it looks for the location of the meeting. If you select Phone Call, it will ask for the phone number you called the constituent on.

Step 9

The Auto-Remind function can be set to notify you of any forthcoming actions you need to be aware of. To activate this, first tick the Auto-Remind box, and then click on the Notify box below. This allows you to decide who will be notified of this action. Choose the name(s) from the list on the left and add to the right hand column. Then, select the period of time before the action that the users will be notified, in days, weeks or months. The reminder will appear on the user’s RE home screen, or as a calendar invite on Outlook if this option is selected.

Step 10

Next, you can leave the Campaign and Fund fields blank. If this action is linked to a Proposal, you can add this in the Proposal field. Click the binoculars icon on the right hand side of the field, then simply click Find Now in order to display all the proposals for this constituent. Choose the appropriate proposal and double click to add to the action.

Step 11

Once you have added the details to the General screen, don’t forget to open the Notes tab and add some notes detailing the action. Click on New Notepad to begin writing a new note.

Step 12

Fill out the following details in the New Notepad screen.

  • Date: This will auto-fill to today but can be changed.
  • Info Source: This is not a mandatory field and can be ignored.
  • Type: Choose the most appropriate option from the drop-down menu e.g. meeting, phone call etc.
  • Author: Auto-fills with your details but you can select a different Author from the drop down menu.
  • Description: Add a brief sentence describing the content of this note.

Then add your note in the large free text box below.

Click Save and Close once completed.

Step 13

Finally, Save and Close your action before exiting the Actions tab.