Adding a Volunteer

Published: 15th August 2019

You’ll need to record any potential or actual volunteers on RE. Follow the process below to add a volunteer.

Step 1

Open a constituent’s record and find the Volunteer tab:

Now, you’ll find yourself on the General section of the Volunteer tab.

Step 2

The first step in marking someone as a Volunteer on Raiser’s Edge is to add a line in the General tab that indicates what type of Volunteer they are.

Choose the most relevant from the Type drop-down menu:

  • AR – Volunteer
  • AR – Volunteer – Prospect (this can be used if we think someone could be a potential volunteer but they have not yet agreed to be one)
  • AR – International Volunteer
  • AR – Student Volunteer
  • AR – Influencer
  • AR – School Governor

You should also choose a Start Date and a Status which will be Active if you are adding a new Volunteer.

Step 3

After adding the constituent as a volunteer in the General section, you now need to open the Qualifications section from the left hand menu.

Now you can add Volunteer Interests by choosing from the Description drop down menu. These are any areas that the volunteer may be interested in helping out with. You can add as many as you like, but you need to add at least one. Otherwise the constituent will be marked as a volunteer, but will not appear on any searches. You only need to enter the Description field, and can ignore the Skill Level, Licence Type fields etc.


Step 4

You have now marked this person as a Volunteer. The next step is to assign volunteering jobs to their record. See the guide for Job Assignment here.